Pharmacy College Admission Test

Test Description: The PCAT consists of 240 multiple-choice items and two Writing topics. Candidates are given four hours to complete the test (plus administrative time for instructions and time for a short rest break about halfway through the test).

Eligibility: This exam is generally taken by students desiring to enter pharmacy schools.

Registration: To register, visit the PCAT Website (fee must be paid by major credit card) or come by the offices of Testing Services in Hotz Hall to pick up a registration bulletin (mail the form and the fee to the testing company -- must be RECEIVED BY the deadline).

Test fees: The PCAT Registration fee is $150.00. Additional fees may apply. Visit the PCAT website for more information.

ID Requirement: For examinees testing within their country of citizenship (American students) any government-issued identification such as passport, driver's license, state ID, and military ID are all acceptable. If you are not testing in your own country of citizenship, you MUST bring your passport in order to be tested.

Test Dates
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University of Arkansas | Office of Testing Services