Test Preparation


1: Review test policies

Pick up the registration bulletin and/or check out the testing company's web site for the exam you will be taking. It is your responsibility to know this information. The answer to most of your questions regarding an exam will be located in the pages of these bulletins.


2: Register early

Contact Testing Services for test dates and registration deadlines as soon as you are aware that you must take an exam. Deadlines can be up to 5 weeks prior to the actual test dates. Some deadlines are postmark deadlines, but some are receipt deadlines which means your registration form must be in the hands of the testing companies by that date. They will not process registration forms received after the deadline.


3: Get directions

Find the location of the exam before the date of the test. Testing is stressful enough in itself. You do not want to add to the stress by not being able to find the location and then arriving too late to test. Also, check for parking availability. You may need to purchase a one-day parking permit in order to park near the exam location. Please contact the Parking and Transit Office at 575-2459 for information.


4: Bring your ID

Make sure you know what to bring to the test center on the day of the exam. Be especially aware of identification requirements. Improper ID will keep you from testing. Also make sure that you do not bring prohibited materials. Bringing these could invalidate your test scores. Check the information/registration bulletin for your particular test for information about ID requirements and prohibited materials.


5: Dress comfortably

Wear layered clothing. Temperatures that are comfortable to some examinees may not be comfortable for you. You do not want to be distracted by the temperature in the testing room.

University of Arkansas | Office of Testing Services