Reading Placement Test

Test Description: If you receive a score of 18 or below on your American College Test (ACT) Reading and Comprehension section then you are very strongly encouraged to take the Developmental Reading Exemption Test.

Eligibility: This exam is taken by students during their orientation session prior to matriculation.

Registration: There is no pre-registration. This exam is given the day before each two-day orientation session or on the same date during a one-day orientation session.

Test fees: The fee for this exam is paid from studentsí orientation fees. Students wishing to take this test who are not enrolled in an orientation session should be prepared to pay a $10.00 fee at the time of the test.

ID Requirement: For examinees testing within their country of citizenship (American students) any government-issued identification such as passport, driver's license, state ID, and military ID are all acceptable. If you are not testing in your own country of citizenship, you MUST bring your passport in order to be tested.

Test Dates
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