What is the ELPT (English Language Placement Test)?

The ELPT is an in-house placement test designed to evaluate newly admitted graduate and undergraduate international students' ability to read and comprehend college level material and to write well organized, comprehensible essays based on that material, demonstrating readiness for a full or partial academic course load. The test is composed of a reading passage and a writing sample. Students are given 50 minutes to read the passage and write their essays. The results of this placement test are used to determine the English as a Second Language (EASL) support courses that newly admitted international students may be required to take.

How is the ELPT scored? How are the scores interpreted?

The placement test is read by three independent readers from the Department of Foreign Languages English as a Second Language (EASL) instructors and the English Department. The essays are holistically scored by each reader and an average of the three scores is given. In the event that there is a ten-point spread between any two readers, a fourth reader is asked to read the exam. The fourth reader's score is averaged in with the initial three readers’ scores. Prior to each administration of the exam, the readers have a norming session to ensure reader reliability of the scoring.

For information on the scoring and placement of the ELPT please visit the Undergraduate Studies English Proficiency or Graduate Studies English Proficiency page on the Graduate School and International Education website.


ID Requirement

A valid passport is the only acceptable form of identification. If you come on the test day without your passport, you will not be tested and your test fee will not be transferred or refunded.