Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why won't you report my institutional test scores to other colleges or universities?
A: Institutional testing was established by some testing companies to allow colleges and universities to set their own test schedules for their students and to provide faster turn-around times by self-scoring. Testing companies will only allow the reporting of scores that are produced by the testing companies themselves. Violation of their policy will result in UA losing it's testing privileges.

Q: Why are testing companies so particular about identification?
A: Because some tests such as ACT result in the award of scholarships or, as in the case of GRE, admission into competitive graduate schools, rigorous identification requirements must be strictly followed to assure the validity of test scores. Students should always be aware of identification requirements for the exam they are taking in order to avoid being turned away from testing. Most testing companies require a valid (non-expired) government-issued ID such as a passport, driver's license, military ID, etc. Student ID's are not always allowed as the primary form of ID.

Q: Why can't I take a national exam any time I need to?
A: All nationals test dates are set by testing companies and not by Testing Services. These dates are set up to 5 years in advance and are not changeable. Test materials are sent to UA just prior to the exam and are returned immediately afterward.

Q: Why can't I take an institutional exam any time I need to?
A: Last year, Testing Services tested approximately 20,000 students in 400 academic test sessions. Obviously, our schedule is very heavy. Testing Services carefully sets the institutional test schedule prior to each year by consulting different departments on campus to consider admission and academic needs and to accommodate important events such as New Student Orientation. We realize that on occasion extreme circumstances may necessitate a student taking an institutional test out of cycle. In this case, we will try to work with you to set a time that is convenient for you if possible. There is an additional fee for this service (See Proctoring Services).

Q: Is there any way I can take this test? The test deadline for registration has passed.
A: Many national testing companies allow late registration for a certain period of time after the deadline has passed but will charge a late fee. Some testing companies also allow standby testing; however, there is no guarantee that you will be tested. It depends on the availability of extra test materials on the day of the exam. There is always a standby fee for this service. Please ask us if you miss the registration deadline, and we will give you the available options for testing. (There are also late fees charged for institutional tests when the deadline is missed.)

Q: May I still take my TOEFL or SLPT exam? My passport has been sent to my embassy for renewal.
A: Unfortunately, these exams and several others require your passport, and you will be unable to test.

Q: If I don't do well, may I retake the test?
A: Yes, in most cases. However, please refer to the information/registration bulletin to find out the retest policy of your exam. Policies widely vary between different tests.