All ACCUPLACER tests use a multiple-choice format.* There’s no time limit on the tests, so you can focus on doing your best to demonstrate your skills.

ACCUPLACER uses the latest computer-adaptive technology and the questions you see are based on your skill level. Your response to each question drives the difficulty level of the next question so it’s important to give each question as much thought as you can before selecting your answer.

  • The number of questions varies depending on which ACCUPLACER tests you take. There could be as few as 12 questions or as many as 40.
  • No one passes or fails ACCUPLACER tests, but it’s important to complete the test using your best effort, so you and your college have an accurate measure of your academic skills.
  • Online Registration: $45.00 ($65.00 Late)
    Register online for the Accuplacer (Math / Reading / Writing)
  • Sections of the Accuplacer (Math, Reading, Writing and WritePlacer ESL) are available for $20.00 each. 



WritePlacer gives you an opportunity to show how effectively you can develop and express your ideas in writing. You will first read a short passage and an assignment question that are focused on an important issue. You will then write an essay in which you develop your point of view on the issue. You should support your position with appropriate reasoning and examples. The position you take will not influence your score.

Your essay will be given a holistic score that represents how clearly and effectively you expressed your position. The following six characteristics of writing will be considered:

  • Purpose and Focus—The extent to which you present information in a unified and coherent manner, clearly addressing the issue.
  • Organization and Structure—The extent to which you order and connect ideas.
  • Development and Support—The extent to which you develop and support ideas.
  • Sentence Variety and Style—The extent to which you craft sentences and paragraphs demonstrating control of vocabulary, voice, and structure.
  • Mechanical Conventions—The extent to which you express ideas using Standard Written English.
  • Critical Thinking—The extent to which you communicate a point of view and demonstrate reasoned relationships among ideas.

Online Registration: $20.00

Register online for the WritePlacer.